Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Definitive Edition

Platform: PS4
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition is the ultimate single-player RPG experience based on the acclaimed Pathfinder series. Explore and conquer with your party the Stolen Lands of Golarion, a world rich with history, mystery and conflict featuring real-time combat or optional turn-based fights. FEATURES • STORY RICH: Hundreds of kingdoms have risen and fallen in these lands. • CONQUER: Conquer new regions and claim them as yours. • CHARACTERS CUSTOMISATION: Create heroes and customise your character choosing from more than 1000 different abilities, skills, and feats. • FOCUS ON COMPANIONS: Meet 12 characters including iconic one from the Pathfinder setting itself. • KINGDOM BUILDING: Expand your Kingdom, build new towns and community. • PLAY YOUR WAY: Fight in real-time with pause or switch to turn-based mode to have a better control over the fight placement. The Definitive Edition includes the base game, new features plus 6 DLCs.