theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Revontuli Coast

Platform: Xbox X|S
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This pack includes:
5 Hunters: Galus the Red, Igor the Undertaker, Itza the Sentinel, Jeanne Archer, Cavinus | 3 Skins: Itza Leopard, Igor Pirate, Cavinus Executioner | 6 Amulets Grade 1: Spy glass (Ranged damage/healing +1%), Sands of time (Clip reload time -0.50%), Turtle carapace (Damage absorption +0.30%), Dragon scale (Armor regeneration time: -0.50%), Red Gem (Skill 2 volume time: +1%), Fluorite (Skill 3 mana cost: -0.50%) | 2 each Spell: Untouchable, Ghost, Lazarus, Mana Rain, Meditation, Quantum Leap, Reboot, Slipstream, Spider Whisperer | 1 Exclusive Emblem: Octopus Gear | 8000 Silver Coins.

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1 player
Network Players 2-16
1080p HD Video Output
Online Play (Required)

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